Broadband Connectivity Services - SDSL, IDSL, WAN and Co-Location

Broadband- A Better Idea If time is money, why are you wasting it dialing up? Some dial-up modem customers use the time it takes to download big files and interesting websites to make a fresh pot of coffee. Others break out the label maker and organize their files. Still others go through "junk" mail, or make the phone calls they've been avoiding for days.

Broadband users have a better idea. They take this time to blink their eyes once or twice.

Digital Subscriber Line , or Broadband , offers affordable high-speed Internet access to home and business users. Using existing copper telephone lines, Broadband provides connections that are up to 35 times faster than dial-up modems. This means Web sites load much more quickly, especially those containing graphics, audio, or video. E-mail moves faster, and valuable e-commerce business applications can be hosted anywhere.

Unlike standard dial-up modems, Broadband is always on. This means no waiting to connect to an ISP, no busy signals, and no dropped connections. Multiple users can connect at the same time, increasing productivity and network flexibility in the office and at home. Telecommuters can gain quick access to their company network using the Wide Area Networking (WAN) router option, and conduct business as if they were sitting in their office.

Until recently Internet users requiring high-speed, multiple-user access had few choices, most of them expensive. With Broadband, Internet service makes sense economically, and Creative Data Concepts Limited in partnership with New Edge Networks makes Broadband available to users in more locations than ever before.

People who benefit the most from Broadband tend to: