Creative Data Concepts Limited, Inc. Email Services

Creative Data Concepts Limited, Inc. offers complete email services including POP3 accounts, autoresponders, list services, Web based access and management, support for all major email clients including Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Communicator and Eudora. The services we offer are highlighted below. To learn more about any of the email services, simply click the link in that section.

Web Messaging - Users may read and send email from any Web browser while enjoying their favorite desktop email features like spell check, address book, and multiple attachments. Customizable web templates allow you to offer web messaging and Web calendaring to your users in their native language or branded for your organization. Contact us for template customization services. provides Tickets in Oklahoma City, OK for Sarah Chang, Casey Donahew Band, Turnpike Troubadours, Dropkick Murphys at Oklahoma City Tickets in Diamond Ballroom, and Civic Center Music Hall.

Web Calendaring - A Web-based calendar allows users to keep and store multiple schedules, appointments, task lists, and date reminder information accessible through an intuitive and user friendly Web interface to increase user efficiency.

Virus Scanning - All incoming and outgoing emails (when using as the SMTP server) are scanned for all known viruses and malicious attachments. While this is not a full proof method, our email services drastically reduce your exposure to debilitating viruses.

SPAM Filtering - All incoming email are checked for a mutlitude of known SPAM indicators. The results of our testing is added to the email header for ease in establishing client side filtering rules. Additionally, failure to pass certain tests result in the email being completely rejected and returned to the sender. We have seen an almost 80% reduction in SPAM received Those emails that are questionable are easily separated from the important emails for viewing at a later time.

Security - Support for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption in Web Messaging and Web Calendaring protects passwords and content from prying eyes. Administrators can choose the connection level via the Web for sending and receiving email: must use SSL, option to use SSL, no SSL option.

ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) Support - Our email services support the Windows NT/2000/XP user account database, its own database, or an ODBC database. Using ODBC, users can be drawn from any external database that supports ODBC (e.g. Access®,Microsoft SQL Server®, or Oracle® databases). This makes mail server integration with your existing customer billing, student enrollment, HR, or other systems a snap.

Open Standards Support - For SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 allows for a wide range of compatibility with Email clients. Our Server's support for LDAP Revision 3 keeps you up to date with the latest directory services.

Multi domain Support - Allows companies with multiple domains to have messages delivered to a single set of email boxes. This is ideal for companies that have multiple Domain names for a single Web site and desire email for all Domains but wish to maintain only a single set of user accounts.